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Like night/day. The customer service from the previous cart was decent, however we were consistently on the top stores and had a ton of requests that were not addressed for over 2 years.

Shopify's customer service has been nothing short of incredible. Very responsive, a million ways to reach them. Excited to re- start our business through Shopify.

- Rob Starkman

Shopify is a substantially more mature and impressive platform. The back end tools that Shopify provides from customer accounts to order tracking to plugin integration is simply substantially more helpful to my business than the backend tools (or lack thereof) that existed with Big Cartel.

From a cost perspective, Shopify is slightly more expensive. However, the return that I've seen both in increased conversions and customer experience was well worth the switch.

- Ben Meredith

Shopify is the bees knees of ecommerce platforms! Before choosing Shopify I actually set up both a Big Cartel store and a Wazala store. Mainly due to cheaper pricing at the time.

But coming from a graphic design background I quickly became frustrated with the lack of customization options available. Although more expensive I can never go back to using any other service. The ability to totally tweak and edit the store to pieces alone is reason enough to switch. That's not counting all the cool apps, integrations and super duper Manual!

I even convinced my partner to switch her illustration shop over from the Cartel, and am in the process of setting up a second shop for another side venture of mine.

Call me an addict ;) Keep up the awesome work!

- Leo Wolff

Hi, I'm new with the Shopify software. I had a Big Cartel store but had to upgrade to Shopify and it's a million times better. I wanted to make my homepage on my website be strictly the carousel slideshow and wanted to make another page strictly for my products.

- Ex-customer of Big Cartel

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