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  • カード決済も銀行口座からの支払いも一括対応
  • 月額利用料無料、手数料は使った分だけ
  • 新規登録わずか3分、登録後すぐに受け取れます






  • 国内からの受け取り手数料: 3.2%+40円/件
  • 海外からの受け取り手数料: 3.7%+40円/件







  • ペイパルアカウント(メールアドレス)
  • 会社名
  • 会社所在地
  • サイトURL
  • ご担当者様氏名
  • ご連絡可能な電話番号
  • ご連絡可能なメールアドレス(ペイパル用と異なる場合)





  • キャンペーンの内容および期間は、予告なく変更する場合がございます。
  • キャンペーンには、1社様あたり1アカウントのみご応募可能です。
  • 日本で開設されたペイパルビジネスアカウントのみが対象となります。
  • ご登録情報に不備がある場合、不正な利用があった場合、キャンペーン対象外とさせて頂く場合がございます。
  • Shopifyでペイパルをご利用されていないショップ様はキャンペーン対象外となります。
  • Shopifyのご利用を止めた場合、特別プランの決済手数料を通常の決済手数料に戻す場合がございます。
  • キャンペーン開始以前に既にペイパルビジネスアカウントをご利用されている場合、キャンペーン対象外となります。(新たに別のペイパルアカウントを開設された場合もキャンペーン対象外です)
  • ペイパルでの月々の支払い受取額によっては、マーチャントレートの方が特別プランの決済手数料よりお得になる場合がございますので、十分にご検討の上、お申込み下さい。(詳しい手数料についてはこちら


電話でのお問合せ:03-6739-7135(9:30 - 18:00/土・日・祝祭日は除く)※通話料がかかります


Shopify / PayPal joint campaign!

PayPal and Shopify announce their 3rd joint campaign for merchants that have already created online stores with Shopify or creates online stores with Shopify for the first time and have never used PayPal as a payment method.  

Responding to merchants’ requests during the past campaigns, the campaign offer for this time has been updated so that special rates will apply even after the campaign period. Plus if you are new to Shopify, sign up from the campaign page and you get 10% off for monthly fees for 12 months.

Sign up to Shopify

If you have never used PayPal and Shopify before, now is the time!

Create your business account now

▼Campaign Details

Campaign Offer:

If Shopify users set up new PayPal business account and complete the application process(*), special transaction rates will be applied to those accounts.

New Shopify users signed up through the campaign page will extend free trial from 14 days to 60 days and get 10% off for monthly subscription fee for 1 year.

Special Rates: Domestic Transaction Fee 3.2%+40JPY, International Transaction Fee 3.7%+40JPY

(Standard Rates:Domestic Transaction Fee 3.6%+40JPY, International Transaction Fee 4.1%+40JPY)

* For the application process, please see “How to Apply” below.

Campaign Entry Period:

2018/10/24 – 2019/1/31

How to apply:

1. After creating a PayPal business account, please send an email with required information.
    • Email to:
    • Email title: “Shopify Campaign Application”
    • Required information:
      • PayPal account email address
      • Company name
      • Company address
      • Website URL
      • Name of a contact person
      • Contact phone number
      • Contact email address (if different from PayPal email address)
    2. You will receive an email with the Agreement for the Special Rates. Please sign the Agreement to accept the Special Rates. (You can sign online with your PC or mobile)

      *The Special Rates are usually applied within 3 business days after your signature.

      *If you do not complete the above process within the Campaign Entry Period, your application will be cancelled.


      • “Merchant Rates” may be better than the Campaign Rates depending on the monthly transaction volume. Each applicant is to use its discretion in deciding which rates shall apply to its business. For “Merchant Rates”, please click here.
      • Campaign details and periods are subject to change without prior notice.
      • After applying for the campaign, your transaction fees is going to be basic plan until PayPal finish setting up special transaction fees. PayPal will cash back the difference of transaction fees later.
      • A PayPal Account is only eligible for one campaign entry.
      • Only PayPal Business Accounts opened in Japan are eligible.
      • If the user's registration information is incomplete or false, such user may not be eligible to make an entry for this campaign.
      • The transaction fees shall be free only with respect to those payments received using PayPal as a payment method on the EC sites that have been developed on Shopify. (This campaign shall not apply to payments received using PayPal on other online shops.)  
      • If users stop using Shopify after signing up for the campaign, special transaction fees may be reverted to basic ones.
      • If users already opened PayPal Business account before the campaign, they are not eligible for the campaign. (Including existing users re-create new business account.)
      • Depending on how much users receive in a month with PayPal, merchant rate may be cheaper than special transaction fees.

      Inquiries about the campaign

      Call us at: 81-3-6739-7135 (9:30 - 18:00 Expect for Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays) *Calls will be charged
      Email to: